Based on the myths of Ovid
Written and Directed by Mary Zimmerman
from the translation by David R. Slavitt
Co-production with the Guthrie Theater
Main Season · Peet’s Theatre
January 24–March 24, 2019

Running time: 90 minutes, no intermission

Berkeley Rep presented Mary Zimmerman’s breathtaking Metamorphoses at the turn of the millennium—it later received a Broadway run and garnered her a Tony Award. She’s become a Berkeley Rep favorite, enthralling audiences with eight gorgeous productions. Don’t miss your chance to experience her signature tour de force, the provocative and mesmerizing Metamorphoses.

Dreams and reality collide with gods and mortals in Mary Zimmerman’s ode to the power of love—and the shadows that lurk beneath it. From a wading pool in our intimate 400-seat theatre, she summons Ovid’s classical tales of passion, betrayal, hope, and transformation, inviting us into a realm of shared cultural myths and beautiful, unshakable visions.

Creative team

Mary Zimmerman · Adaptor / Director
Daniel Ostling · Scenic Design
Mara Blumenfeld · Costume Design
T.J. Gerckens · Lighting Design
Andre Pluess · Sound Design
Willy Schwarz · Original Music
Amy Potozkin · Casting
Michael Suenkel · Production Stage Manager
Brenda Davis · Assistant Scenic Designer
Ray Nardelli · Assistant Sound Designer
Anjali Bidani · Technical Consultant
James McGregor · Production Assistant


Steven Epp · Erysichthon and others
Raymond Fox · Midas and others
Rodney Gardiner · Phaeton and others
Benjamin T. Ismail · Hermes/Vertumnus and others
Louise Lamson · Alcyone and others
Felicity Jones Latta · Aphrodite and others
Alex Moggridge · Ceyx and others
Sango Tajima · Myrrha and others
Lisa Tejero · Therapist and others
Suzy Weller · Eurydice and others

Leaping manStunning…Even if you’ve heard the hype about Mary Zimmerman’s Tony-winning adaptation of Ovid’s myths, Berkeley Rep’s revival exceeds expectation. Zimmerman as director has such precise timing that it’s as if she lives inside your brain, knowing before you do when the next stimulus or reveal would most delight, how it might make you wade a step further into her pool of wonders. [Her] script is lovely…[and] her cast seems to have teleported in from a realm outside of time.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Mary Zimmerman is a master at the art of mesmerism. Lit by astonishing feats of visual alchemy, her meditative body of work floats through the imagination like a soft reverie. Zimmerman dives into the myths of Ovid with her signature blend of the cerebral and the childlike, immersing us in crystalline tableaux and primal wonder. [A] gorgeous and graceful revival.”

Mercury News / Bay Area News Group

Moving, dreamlike and thrillingly theatrical…With a vibrant, shape-shifting 10-member cast, all playing multiple roles, Thursday’s opening night performance in the Peet’s Theatre was an enchanting reminder of Zimmerman’s power as a theatrical storyteller. And what stories they are: sacred and profane, filled with love, loss and longing, these are the myths that tell us what we’re capable of—for better and for worse.”

San Francisco Examiner

This is not your dusty dry, overly intellectual Ovid. No, this is a splashy, funny, moving Ovid that is anything but dry. The show remains stunning—still gorgeous, still moving, still an example of theater at its sumptuous best. There are moments that are stunning, thrilling, funny and breathtaking. You never know if going back to revisit a favorite is a good idea or a bad one. For Metamorphoses, happily, another dip in this gorgeous pool is the best possible idea.”

Theater Dogs

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Official trailer: Metamorphoses

See why audiences and critics alike are mesmerized by Mary Zimmerman’s award-winning adaptation of Ovid’s myths.

Behind the scenes: Mary Zimmerman

Adaptor and director Mary Zimmerman discusses the power of myths in her Tony Award-winning show, Metamorphoses.

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