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Jerrod Carmichael: Ari told me I lack focus

Peet’s Theatre

Nov 8–13, 2022

Running time: 60 min, no intermission

Hilarious, provocative, and groundbreaking, Jerrod Carmichael was a rising star in 2014 when Spike Lee directed his first HBO special. Now he’s enjoying his best year ever. He picked up a 2022 primetime Emmy Award for his third special, Rothaniel, where he famously comes out to the audience and recounts the reaction of his religious Southern family. Earning critical acclaim for its mischievous humor and riveting, emotionally rich storytelling, the genre-breaking Rothaniel set Jerrod Carmichael on an exhilarating new trajectory — see what he comes up with next at his Berkeley Rep debut!


One of this generation’s most thoughtful and intriguing entertainers, offering trenchant observations on race and society’s hypocrisies while eschewing the traditional standup comedian to mainstream star pipeline.


Rothaniel manages a kind of hilarious poignancy throughout makes it a new stand-up classic

Vanity Fair

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Photo by Bo Burnham, director of Jerrod Carmichael: Rothaniel

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