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We make our performances accessible!

Assistive listening

Free assistive listening devices—both earbuds and neck loops—are available prior to the performance by exchanging a license or credit card. No advance reservations required.


Closed captioning

We utilize GalaPro to provide closed captioning for every performance in our subscription season. This app for both Android and iOS delivers individual closed captioning to the user’s own mobile device. All content is preloaded into the service and served to the patron in real time, using voice recognition technology to sync the content with the action on stage. This means anyone can enjoy the show from every seat, at every single performance.



Berkeley Rep is wheelchair-accessible. Please see our seating charts for wheelchair seating locations.



Scripts for those with hearing loss are available in the box office.

We're eager to help you!

Box office
510 647-2949 (Tue–Sat, noon–4pm)
2025 Addison St, Berkeley CA 94704

View seating charts

In the Peet’s Theatre no seat is more than 44 feet from the stage.
In the Roda Theatre the farthest seat is only 49 feet from the stage.


Need a specific accommodation?
We’re happy to work with you—please call or email and let us know how we can help.

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